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Motorsports excitement in Jyväskylä Central Finland!

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Come and experience the speed of motorsports in the same scenery where the world’s greatest rally event, Neste Rally Finland, is also held. Central Finland has hosted rally events on its twisty and hilly gravel roads since the 1950s. Inspired by this world-class event, many kinds of speedy motorsports experiences are offered in the Jyväskylä region.

The speed package includes everything you need for a three-day adventure on gravel roads, on asphalt tracks, on lakes and in the woods, at all times of the year. The programme offers motorsports adventures planned according to the time of the year, transportation, accommodation and local delicacies – not forgetting the sauna.
After all, this is sauna country!

Rally stage in a 4WD rally car – Feel the speed of a real rally car.
This rally stage is an experience you will not forget. High-speed roads, a 4WD rally car and a professional driver guarantee a thrilling but safe ride full of speed, excitement and experiences. After the event, we will go to the accommodation location, have dinner and go to the sauna.

After breakfast, we will head for the Ruuhimäki Circuit outdoor karting track.
This magnificent fast 1,240-metre track requires skill and challenges you to become the champion. This internationally certified outdoor track offers experiences for beginners and more experienced drivers alike. After the race, we will enjoy a soup lunch and drive on a slippery surface at Jyvässeudun ajoharjoittelurata.
We will visit the safety garage and test the Rullbil rollover simulator, after which we will learn how to drive on a slippery surface and test what we have learned in practice. After practicing, we will return to the accommodation location, have dinner and go to the sauna.

After breakfast, we will head back home. Before departure, it is possible to visit the Finnish Aviation Museum in Tikkakoski. The exhibition displays different aircraft, equipment and items from over a hundred years. During the guided tour (approximately 90 minutes), you will hear details from the world of aviation.


VALIDITY: Year-round
DURATION: 3 days / 2 nights
GROUP SIZE: At least ten people
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: transportation, accommodation in double rooms/villas for 4–6 people,
events listed in the programme and meals
PRICE: Starting from EUR 750 per person


On a snowmobile safari, you can 
experience the nature of Central Finland
at its best.

We will make coffee over a campfire
and enjoy a packed 
lunch in a hut.
The price 
includes snowmobile rental,
instructions and equipment for each

Price: Starting from EUR 140 per person
Duration: 2–3 hours


On an ATV safari, each participant
gets a 4WD ATV with enough power
for even the most demanding drivers.
You can choose from a one-hour or
twohour safari, during which we will
make coffee over a campfire and enjoy
a packed lunch in a hut.
The price includes ATV rental and
the equipment and instructions required.

Price: Starting from EUR 80 per person
Duration: 1–2 hours

The fatbike tour travels on routes,
trails and tracks in a changing and
beautiful forest landscape.
The route is suitable for everyone who
is in a basic physical condition
and knows how to ride a bike.
The price includes route instructions
and riding tips, equipment and
campfire/thermos coffee.

Price: Starting from EUR 65 per person
Duration: 3 hours
The river adventure in the Kuusankoski
scenery is a full experience which gets
just the right amount of butterflies in
your stomach. The exercises do not
require much physical strength – conquering
yourself is the key part of this adventure.

Price: Starting from EUR 45 per person
Duration: approx. 90 minutes, depending on
the number of persons
A paintball game is on in the woods!
It is a team sport with instructions
and referees. You can talk about it
all after the game around a campfire!
The price includes instructions,
equipment, 100 paintballs and insurance.

Price: minimum charge EUR 400 per group
Duration: 2–3 hours according to the group’s

Experience an unforgettable winter safari
on a husky sled!
You get to steer actual husky teams.
Each sled has room for two people,
one enjoying the ride while the other one
steers the sled.

Price: Starting from EUR 60 per person
Duration: 1 hour



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e-mail: /dmc 

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